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Make the right decision with power of attorney

Power of attorney allows you to select someone to make decisions for you in case you become unable to do so yourself. Nina Brown, Attorney at Law has the knowledge to help you handle the following:


•  Financial decisions

•  Healthcare decisions

•  Mental incapacitation

•  Living outside the country

•  And more


When you visit our offices, you'll be guided through a series of steps to ensure that the person you've chosen to be in charge of your decisions understands your wishes and is allowed to implement them.

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Thorough power of attorney knowledge

After many years practicing the legal profession, Nina Brown, Attorney at Law has the knowledge you need to help you fully understand your power of attorney rights. She'll help you arrive at the right choice to help you with future decisions.


Experience in power of attorney cases

For over 30 years, Nina Brown has been assisting the citizens of Southern Illinois with a variety of power of attorney services. With her experience, she'll be able to guide you through confusing subject matter and scenarios so you get the clarity you need.


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If you're ready to take the next steps toward power of attorney discussions, contact our offices. You'll get a convenient, thorough appointment with Nina Brown to discuss your rights and understand how best to move forward.

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